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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer medical alert monitoring service in my area?
Our service area boundaries are generally defined by London, Delaware, Mt Vernon, Zanesville, Lancaster and Circleville..
Must I have a medical emergency to use your services?
We’re glad to get you any kind of help you need, emergency or otherwise.
Will your monitoring interfere with my telephone service?
No, our in-home equipment operates on a standalone basis.
Can I easily reinstall your system if I move it?
Yes, just plug it into an AC power outlet and phone jack and test it. Call us in the unlikely event that you encounter difficulties.
Can more than one person use the system at the same location?
Yes, husband and wife often have their own help-buttons. There’s an additional monthly charge of only $5.00.
How does your system work?
There’s a miniature personal help-button, an in-home console it reports to, and the monitoring center the console reports to. When you press your mini-button, it sends a radio signal to the console. The console then makes a phone call to an 800-number at the monitoring center, and becomes a 2-way intercom enabling voice communication with an alarm dispatcher.
What if I fall out in the yard and you can’t hear me over the console intercom?
If the monitoring center can’t hear you, an alarm dispatcher will begin making calls to the phone numbers you’ve specified, in your prescribed calling order. If an EMS squad is dispatched, we’ll call or leave word with one of your non-agency responders to let them know.
Is your system self-testing?
Yes, automatic testing happens at 30-day intervals. Testing is end-to-end, exercising console test signal generation capability, phone channel signal transmission, and monitoring center test signal receipt. We additionally recommend manually testing your system at least once a month.
Do I have to provide you with medical information?
We like to know about major medical conditions and any medication allergies. We don’t maintain medication lists, because there can be medication changes, and we don’t want to risk being out of date. We recommend that you keep a current medication list taped to the inside of your medicine cabinet door and/or clearly visible inside your refrigerator.
Can my information be changed after order entry?
Yes, information can be changed via phone or email as often as needed at no charge.
How are your miniature help-buttons worn?
Our mini-buttons can be worn on either a wristband or as a neck pendant. You’ll receive both options, it’s easy to convert from one to the other.
Are your help-buttons “waterproof” or just “water-resistant”?
Good question, there are a lot of mini-buttons on the market that are just “water-resistant”. Our sealed units are “waterproof”, and can be won in tubs or showers, where many falls occur.
What’s your help-button signal range?
Our help-buttons have a 650 foot open-space signal range. Our help-buttons can normally protect throughout a large home plus the adjacent lawn. We recommend testing, however, as signal range can be affected by room layout and construction materials in your home.
Are help-button batteries monitored? How long do batteries last?
Help-button batteries are rated for a 10-year service life.. Battery voltage is continuously monitored. A silent alarm is sent to the monitoring center when battery voltage first begins to droop. A replacement help-button can usually be provided before total battery failure.
Do your help-buttons have fall detection?
We could but don't offer fall detection help-buttons, because we don't want to promote a false sense of security. Help button fall detection can't detect all kinds of falls. Providers that promote them agree… read the fine print.
Do you monitor console backup batteries?
Console backup batteries are continuously monitored, and low battery signals are silently sent to the central station. We then phone the client’s home to investigate. Low battery alarms mainly happen when the console is unplugged or there’s been a power outage.
Will Insurance Companies, Medicare or Medicaid pay for your services?
Amazingly, insurance companies and Medicare won’t, but Medicaid may, if there’s a waiver program in your area. Contact local Medicaid to find out.
How much does it cost, and how can payments be made?
Please refer to our "Pricing" web page.
Is there a long-term contract?
No, you can return our equipment at any time with no cancellation penalty charges. We’ll refund any unused prepayment within 10 calendar days after our equipment is back in our shop in satisfactory condition. We’ll even pick it up free of charge.
Do you have your own monitoring center?
Monitoring center quality is more important than monitoring center ownership. Our 24/7/365 monitoring partner has dual response centers, both located in Ohio, and both conforming to CSAA Five Diamond Certification Standards. Refer to our “Monitoring” web page for more information.
What is your monitoring center’s response time?
Our alarm dispatchers answer alarm calls in less than 5 seconds on average from the time the call arrives at our monitoring center. Refer to our "Monitoring" web page for more information.
Do you provide monitoring service in languages other than English?
Our monitoring is multi-lingual, serving clients that speak more than 200 dialects. Deaf client communication is via TTY machine.
What is the cost of maintenance, and who provides it?
For "normal wear & tear", we are responsible for repair or replacement of faulty equipment, as well as battery replacements, at no charge. Lost help-buttons will be replaced at a cost of $49 each. Damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced at then-current cost.
How will emergency personnel enter my home if my doors are locked?
Good question, they’ll break down a door to gain entry if they have to. We can sell you a lockbox for $15 that can easily be located outside most homes. Our alarm dispatchers will provide emergency personnel with its combination so that they can have easy entry access. You can also give friends and family the lockbox combination, instead of giving each a key.
Can your system go with me if I move?
You can easily take your system with you for extended visits or to a new residence. Just unplug it, move it, plug it in, and test it. If the move is outside our service area, you'll have to provide us with a refundable security deposit in the amount of our equipment's then-current replacement cost. You’re of course responsible for providing us with advance notice of your move date, new address, phone number, and any responder changes.