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Our Monitoring Center

firemanpolicemanMonitoring Centers, also known as Central Stations, are where help-button signals quickly translate into mobilization of the kind of help that’s needed. Our Alarm Dispatchers answer alarm calls in less than 5 seconds on average from the time the call is received. When a client’s alarm signal is received, a screen instantly comes up on a dispatcher’s data terminal, displaying a full range of the client’s vital data. Phone numbers are displayed for nearby EMS squads, fire houses, police departments, and for the client’s designated family, friends, and/or neighbor responders.

squadThe Dispatcher’s screen also displays key medical information, such as illnesses, allergies, primary physician name, and hospital preference. Hidden door key location is displayed, to be passed on to emergency responders so that it won’t be necessary to break in to enter the client’s home. Dispatchers are usually able to identify client help needs via the two-way voice intercom in the client’s home. If that’s not possible, the client’s pre-specified responder call sequence is initiated immediately.

Monitoring center quality is as important as the quality of in-home medical alert equipment, and there’s a wide range of quality in monitoring centers. Fortunately there’s a way to “separate the sheep from the goats”. The “Central Station Alarm Association” (CSAA) was established in 1950 for development of industry standards to assure optimum central station performance.

In order to become CSAA certified, a monitoring center must first be either approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL-listed) or FM Approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation. These organizations emphasize performance and redundancy of critical devices, such as computers, power supplies, and back-up generators. CSAA goes an important step further by focusing on rigorous training for alarm dispatchers. CSAA Five Diamond Certification is the hallmark of highest quality monitoring center performance. Our Ohio-based monitoring center is Five Diamond Certified… more than 5000 monitoring centers are not!

Our Monitoring Center has over 20 years of experience in medical alert monitoring, and has protected more than 200,000 seniors nationwide. Service  is medical-only, it’s not a fire & security central station that also offers medical alert monitoring. Service is also multi-lingual, serving clients speaking more than 200 dialects. Deaf client communication is by TTY machine.

people awards

All of our alarm dispatchers undergo an extensive CSAA training program, culminating with award of completion certificates that are framed and proudly displayed on the “Certificate Wall”, shown here. Alarm dispatcher candidate selection also requires a positive, friendly attitude. Caring and calmly competent voices mean a lot to stressed callers in the middle of emergencies.

To further add to superior service, we go beyond CSAA requirements in a number of other ways, including these:

  • Courtesy Calls – If an EMS squad, fire department or the police is dispatched, we can notify a designated relative or care giver.

  • Care Calls – Our “Care Call” service is truly one-of-a-kind in our industry. Contact with clients isn’t limited to emergency situations, we want our clients to know that we will always be there if something happens. Clients are encouraged to press a help-button if they have any concerns about their safety. It might be a stranger at the door, a noise in the night, or a need to assure safe return from a trip down an icy driveway to pick up a newspaper. Our dispatchers will remain on the line until there’s no further need for concern.

  • Closed Loop Protection – We don’t close-out an emergency call until help arrives. Most competitor alarm dispatchers are just that, they “dispatch” help, but don’t follow through to assure that help has arrived. What matters to us is that help arrives, not just that help has been called.

* Our monitoring center’s operating philosophy has produced a 99.99% client satisfaction rating, as determined by state Medicaid audits and internal records. It’s also produced uncommonly high employee morale, in 2010 the company was listed in the Dayton Business Journal’s “Best Places To Work”.